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19 February 2018Stonehenge
19 March 2018Understanding Cubism
16 April 2018Women Artists of WW2
21 May 2018Britain’s Lost Houses
18 June 2018Vorticism
16 July 2018George Cruikshank – the man who drew Oliver Twist

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Stonehenge Julian Richards BA FSA Monday 19 February 2018

Julian will be familiar  from his TV programmes Meet the Ancestors and Blood of the Vikings which he researched and presented.  He studied archaeology at Reading University and has since worked  as a professional archaeologist for English Heritage, the BBC and as an independent.  He has been involved in lecturing, teaching and community and outreach projects.  He is a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London and has written a number of works on Stonehenge including the current English Heritage guide.  His other interests include ceramic history and historic motorsport.

Stonehenge is unique  -  a national treasure and a global icon.  Julian will examine the sophisticated architecture of Stonehenge, the product of stone tools, determination, organisation and strongly held beliefs.   He will examine how perceptions and understandings of Stonehenge have changed over the centuries, how it has inspired writers, artists and musicians and in a more light- hearted vein - how it has been used in advertising.