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15 July 2019The Art of Photography 1840 to present
21 October 2019Votes for Women! Art and the Suffragettes
18 November 2019Historical Graffiti
09 December 2019Ocean Liner Art
20 January 2020Weimar Germany
17 February 2020The Shakers
16 March 2020The Vikings
20 April 2020Old Father Thames
18 May 2020How Time was told throughout the Ages
15 June 2020Great British Paintings of the 18th Century
20 July 2020Edward Hopper
07 September 2020Hoaxes

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The Art of Photography 1840 to present Marina Vaizey BA MA (Cantab) Monday 15 July 2019

Marina is a broadcaster, exhibition curator, journalist and former art critic for the Financial Times and subsequently the Sunday Times.  She is the author of several books including “The Artist as a Photographer“. She has lectured for major institutions in the USA & UK, India and Japan including the V&A, National Gallery and British Museum.

From being a toy for wealthy Victorians through cheap products for the masses and finally digital cameras photography has become an essential part of modern living and on the way has also become an art form in the hands of say  Cartier - Bresson or Robert Capa to take just a very small sample. This is a vast subject and Marina will take us on a whistle–stop tour halting at significant events and persons.