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15 October 2018Stradivarios
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17 June 2019 Treasures of the Silk Road
15 July 2019The Art of Photography 1840 to present

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Stradivarios Toby Faber MA MBA Monday 15 October 2018

Toby has written two works of narrative history, ‘Stradivarius‘ and ‘Faberge’s Eggs‘ and given lectures associated with these subjects at various venues including the V&A and literary festivals. His career began with Natural Sciences at Cambridge and has included five years as managing director of Faber and Faber the publishing company established by his grandfather where he remains on the board.  He is a director of the Authors Licensing and Collecting Society.

Two hundred and fifty years after Antonio Stradivari’s death his violins and cellos remain the most highly prized instruments in the world. Loved by great musicians and capable of fetching fabulous sums when sold, their tone and beauty are legendary.  No subsequent violin- maker has matched them.  How can that be? This lecture explores that central mystery by following some of Stradivari’s instruments from his workshop to the present day.