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16 March 2020The Vikings
20 April 2020Old Father Thames
18 May 2020How Time was told throughout the Ages
15 June 2020Great British Paintings of the 18th Century
20 July 2020Edward Hopper
07 September 2020Hoaxes

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The Vikings Barbara Askew BA DipEd MITG Monday 16 March 2020

Barbara is an historian and lecturer, examiner and course director on Blue Badge Guide Training courses, as well as a rota guide in the British Museum. She has conducted tours throughout the British Isles to Viking-related sites, such as Jorvik, Lindisfarne, Repton and the Isle of Man.

The Vikings – ‘hairy ruffians wearing helmets adorned with horns, who terrorised our Anglo-Saxon ancestors’. That is still the picture most people have in mind and which is reinforced by a thousand cartoons and films. However, modern historians have a more nuanced view and claim the Vikings offered rather more, as Barbara will tell us. PS they did not wear horned helmets!