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21 January 2019The Art of the Joke
18 February 2019Palmyra: Jewel of the Desert
18 March 2019James Gillray
15 April 2019The car in Art and the car as Art
20 May 2019Frank Lloyd Wright - America's Greatest Architect
17 June 2019 Treasures of the Silk Road
15 July 2019The Art of Photography 1840 to present

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The Art of the Joke Susie Harries BA (Cantab) B Litt (Oxon) Monday 21 January 2019

Susie read Classics at Cambridge. She is an accredited lecturer for TAS and has spoken at many venues including the British Museum and has recently written a biography of Sir Nikolaus Pevsner which won a Wolfson History Prize. She has published seven books with her husband Meirion.

Artists have always used jokes to make serious statements about themselves, about each other, about the world and about the nature of art. This lecture looks at the artists’ jokes – from the margins of medieval manuscripts to Marcel Duchamp’s moustache on the Mona Lisa, from Dutch tavern scenes with coded warnings against sins of the flesh to Magritte’s pipe. This should be an entertaining beginning to the New Year.