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18 November 2019Historical Graffiti
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15 June 2020Great British Paintings of the 18th Century
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Historical Graffiti James Wright Monday 18 November 2019

James is an award-winning archaeologist and accredited lecturer for both the Arts Society and WEA. He has experience of teaching undergraduates at the University of Nottingham, where he completed Graduate School training courses on lecturing. He is a well-practised public speaker, who has talked to a variety of organisations, including the Gresham College, Shakespeare400 and the National Trust.

Modern graffiti are often seen as transgressive and moronic. However, look closely in the light of a torch at the walls of our historic buildings, trees, caves and rock faces and you will see a world of graffiti left behind that illuminates the psychology of our ancestors and which enables us to hear the lost voices of ordinary individuals through the images they made. This is a hidden story which James will bring alive.