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19 March 2018Understanding Cubism
19 February 2018Stonehenge
15 January 2018The Art Market
11 December 2017Brilliant British Humour – the picture postcard 1909 - 1939
20 November 2017St Ives Society of Artists
16 October 2017The Palace of Versailles
17 July 2017Is it worth it? Fakes, Forgeries and Fashion in the Art Market
19 June 2017Theatrical Personalities of the 20th Century
15 May 2017O’Keeffe and New Mexico
10 April 2017Modern Architecture
20 March 2017Pots of Art from Grayson Perry
20 February 2017The Ups and Downs of the Impressionists along the Seine
16 January 2017The Mystery of Holbein’s “Ambassadors“
12 December 2016That Pretty German Toy – Musings on the Christmas Tree
21 November 2016Original Grand Designs – The Renaissance / Industrialism and Revival
17 October 2016Edwin Lutyens, Architect to Dolls, Dukes and Dynasties
18 July 2016The Huguenot silk weavers of Spitalfields: from riches to rags
20 June 2016Face Games - the history and mystery of cryptoportraits in European art
16 May 2016Edvard Munch - the man who painted souls
18 April 2016Durer - The Italian and Northern Renaissance
21 March 2016The Victorian House around the World
15 February 201611 Decades of Modern Art
18 January 2016Salisbury Cathedral: the making and unmaking of a masterpiece
14 December 2015The end of tradition: the art of Auguste Rodin
16 November 2015Facing up to Goya - Goya's Portraits
19 October 2015Micromosaics: souvenirs of the Grand Tour from Rome 1770 - 1870
20 July 2015Art Nouveau
15 June 2015Gold of the Gods: Treasures of South America and the Search for El Dorado
18 May 2015Aspects of Love in Art: People, Animals & Things.
20 April 2015The Art of Waterloo
16 March 2015Marc Chagall’s poetic vision
16 February 2015John Opie - The Cornish Wonder
19 January 2015Lee Miller and Roland Penrose at Farley Farm
15 December 2014Art inspired by Wine
17 November 2014Buckingham Palace—Its history, occupants and contents
20 October 2014The Life and Times of the Sundial
21 July 2014Australia's Impressionists: Fontainebleau and the Heidelberg School
16 June 2014William Kent: Artist, architect, garden designer, interior decorator (1684 - 1748)
19 May 2014The genius of Rene Lalique
14 April 2014Carl Dolmetsch - the recorder was his life
17 March 2014War Artists: Paul Nash, C.R.W. Nevinson and the Great War
17 February 2014Out of the Blue: The story of blue in art
20 January 2014Brueghel's Scenes of country life
09 December 2013Christmas at Covent Garden
18 November 2013British Architecture Now!
21 October 2013David Hockney: The Old Master of Modern Art
23 September 2013Rescuing Zeugma from the Floodwaters of the Euphrates
15 July 2013A Passion for Piers: A delightful look at the history of piers
17 June 2013Weave, Stitch and Dye: modern British Art textiles
20 May 2013Those CRAZY years: Life and Art in Paris during the Jazz Age: 1920s-1930s
15 April 2013Lucian Freud: “The paint is the person”
18 March 2013Jewellery in the Age of Queen Victoria: A mirror to the world
18 February 2013It will never show! Designing Historical costumes for film and television
10 December 2012From Turkey to Trifle – Festive food and customs of the Georgians and Victorians
19 November 2012The Other Whistler; Rex (1905-44) Gifted artist and designer
15 October 2012George III: “The most cultured monarch”; art collector and friend of America
16 July 2012MacKintosh and the Glasgow Four
18 June 2012Piero della Francesca – Modern painter of the Renaissance
21 May 2012Jean Duc de Berry: Patron & Connoisseur
16 April 2012The Great American Collectors
19 March 2012Pre-Raphaelite stained glass
20 February 2012The Edwardian Van Dyck: John Singer Sargent and his place as an English Portrait painter
16 January 2012Libya Uncovered The magnificence of Leptis Magna, Sabratha & Cyrene
12 December 2011A History of Christmas Cards, Valentines and Postcards
21 November 2011From 1611 to 2011: Art and the English Bible
17 October 2011The Destruction of the Monasteries: The greatest act of artistic vandalism in English history

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Understanding Cubism Dr Jacqueline Cockburn BA , PhD Monday 19 March 2018

In view of the inclement weather, please check the website before setting off for the lecture.  If able we will provide further information when available.

Jacqueline is a linguist and art historian.  She took her first degree in French and Spanish then her Masters in Applied Linguistics in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She gained further qualifications at Birkbeck College London where she lectured on Western European Art for twenty years.  She was also Head of Department of Art History at Westminster School before launching her new career as a free- lance lecturer in London and abroad.  She is managing director of Art and Culture Travel Ltd. 

Still frankly a puzzle to many although Cubism was introduced as long ago as 1907/8 by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque who were seeking a new approach to representing reality.  They brought together different views of subjects (usually objects or figures) in a single picture resulting in images that were fragmented and abstracted.  Jacqueline will guide us in understanding the aims and methods of the Cubists.