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11 October 2018"New York, New York"
02 March 2018Members Art Exhibition
23 November 2017Rome Re-invented - A Grand Tour of Gardens
10 November 2016THE MASTER: SIR NOEL COWARD.1899-1973 - Special Interest Day
24 November 2015Christopher Wren and the City of London Churches
22 November 2012A Study Day on The Court of Burgundy
16 May 2012The Glory of Stained Glass
26 April 2012A Study Day on Stained Glass in Dorset
14 November 2011A Study Day on Illuminated Manuscripts

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"New York, New York" Mary Alexander Thursday 11 October 2018


Join us on this much acclaimed “time travel” virtual tour of New York with art historian and Arts Society favourite, Mary Alexander. We will consider the influence of “new money” on art patronage, and track the move of fashionable society from Washington Square, so beloved of Henry James and Edith Wharton, in the relentless move uptown. We will look at the people, visions, and fortunes which created the great art collections, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Frick, and the Guggenheim. Imaginative use of digital photography will recreate the atmosphere of the brownstones, and the art clubs of Greenwich Village, the marvels of the Rockefeller Centre and the Radio City Music Hall, and the interiors of the grand hotels and nightclubs.

Whether you know and love New York or maybe have never visited, join us and have fun discovering more about the personalities of the artists, designers, patrons, and social climbers who shaped this extraordinary and ever changing city. The aim will be to create the sense of “being there” and to capture the vibrancy and energy of the city.

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